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Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 11:39 am (no subject)
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My love,

I know you want to make a difference in the world, to do something great with your life.  But, I fail to see why joining the Army is the best way to make that happen.

I'm scared to death of losing you, but you seem to pay no attention to that fact.  You may be at peace with the fact that death is a part of life, and if you end up dying young, you're not afraid of it, but I cannot say the same for myself.  You said to me that if your death allows someone else to live a better life, then so be it.  But, I believe you have forgotten that your death would ruin more lives: the lives of those you left behind.  If I were to receive the news that you had been killed in action, I would die on the spot of a broken heart, for I cannot bear to live without you.

I'm sorry I cannot be as fearless and cavalier as you are.  I want you to be happy, most certainly, but there are so many other ways you could make a difference in this world, and make other people's lives better.  You were considering a career in law enforcement, were you not?  That's a perfect way to make a difference.  And, if you want the sort of military aspect, go for SWAT.  Please...at least consider it.

When we talked earlier, you wouldn't even kiss me back.  That hurts.  When you do kiss me back, to me it means that everything's alright, or is going to be alright.  You probably have no idea how good it makes me feel when you kiss me.  And, I've noticed that the only times you've told me you love me have been when things have gone drastically wrong.  That hurts, too.  It's hard for me to tell you that I love you, and have it go unnoticed, or intentionally ignored (I often can't tell the difference).  You're breaking my heart, honey.

I know I probably can't stop you from enlisting, as much as I want to.  So, know that I'm here for you, and when you leave (I'm crying at that thought), know that I'll be right here waiting for your return, with open arms.  You're the only one for me.

All my love, always and forever,
Your girl

Mon cher, je t'aime, maintenant et toujours.  Je te donne moi-meme, mon coeur, mon ame.

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