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Jan. 24th, 2007 @ 02:32 pm Alive
Current Mood: Romantic

Touching another person—carressing, stroking, squeezing, resting—can take place in, specifically two, very different ways.

I, even I, find it difficult to read that last sentence. Squeezing, what in the world am I talking about!? Really, though, I have taken part in two things—many times—that are opposite qualities; I can't help but notice and help notice that which I will now explain.

I will start with the weaker of the two:
That feeling—you are with a shapely girl (or perhaps a chiseled boy?) and perhaps in the back of your mind, you want to explore them. You may have hugged them once, you may have held their hand, or patted their back, you may have even wrestled them once or twice; but now and continually, you want to see how much further you can reach on their body. They are so warm! And you know it's not been discussed, and you figure they want to be touched, but do/will they stop you? I would say too many people won't. I know there are times for this feeling and these actions, but I've not yet been so blessed in marriage; and yet, I have done these things. This is Lust: taking, stealing from another person their discretion, the touch of their skin, their body. Not at all in these gropings do we wish our partner to share in the pleasure. "Only give permission," Lust says, "and I will take the rest."

I sicken me.
But also, I please me, in that I please others...

Contrary to Lust:
A new feeling—where did this come from?—no attention at all goes into their body; well, so much as it claims to be the center of your focus. You love the body only as the container of your loved one. "Home Sweet Home," their body says. Let me describe: it is like a massage, soup for sickness, gentle strokes to put them to sleep, a song, a letter... anything to make them smile. You see that touching is not the purpose—in this scenario, it is only a method—the purpose is Affection. Attending to another person, giving your touch, your body, your discretion.

"While many best-selling books offer advice on how to 'get' the most out of life, that's not the reason God made you. You were created to add to life on earth, not just take from it." - The Purpose Driven Life
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