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Mar. 16th, 2007 @ 05:34 am How to Find the Right Man in Ten Minutes or Less...

We love good.

I mean, we call things "good" don't we? And what does that mean?

A. We like "good" things
B. Good is "morally excellent; virtuous"

We like morally excellent things. I understand the tendency to like "bad" things; but, I dare say, not because they are bad. We like bad things because we feel they are good to us: yes, we see bad in them; but, surely, they will be good to us. Who could find themselves affectionate towards a rude person while they are also rude to them? Unless they stubbornly, "hopefully", stick-it-out, waiting for their good side to show up, people don't handle badness well.

We like to think we like the person; but, it's probably more towards quality; and, that quality is goodness.

Maybe you can't find the right man or woman in ten minutes or less, but you could become one.
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We love good